What Is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a safe and commonly utilized imaging tool that aids in the diagnosis or treatment of various conditions. The most common type of ultrasound is used to monitor pregnancy progress, other uses include a more thorough look at internal organs such as: the Thyroid, Breasts, Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, and Blood vessels. They are also used to further investigate any lumps or masses detected within the body.

How Do You Book and Ultrasound Appointment?

In Scarborough, an ultrasound by appointment can be obtained by booking a time slot in advance, or simply walking into a diagnostic clinic.

Will you choose just any diagnostic clinic?

Many people, once they have been handed a requisition form for an ultrasound simply default to calling or going to the imagining clinic at the nearest hospital, or one closest to their healthcare practitioner. This is because they may not have been aware that there were any alternate choices on where one can receive diagnostic and imaging services.

In addition to the imaging clinics at hospitals, independent health facilities also offer these services. Independent Health facilities are out of Hospital premises set up by the Ministry of Health Ontario whose services comply with Ministry of Health regulation. The Quality of services at independent health facilities is regularly assessed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and Public health.

Choosing the Best Ultrasound Clinic for Your Health Care Needs in Scarborough

A premier diagnostic clinic in Scarborough will be able to offer ultrasound by appointment using top equipment operated by accredited professional sonographers (qualified ultrasound technicians). Choose an office that can provide fast, courteous service and timely delivery of results to your healthcare team. The clinic you choose should also have the ability to accommodate critical needs patients with several clinic locations throughout Scarborough, and prompt turn around on the services they offer.

Demonstrating a Clear Commitment to Your Health

The Premier Diagnostic Network (PDXN) is one such independent health facility that provides all these benefits and more. Affiliated with the University Health Network (Michener Institute) to teach and Train their Imaging technologists, PDXN keeps up to date with hospital standard staff and hospital-grade pieces of disinfection and cleaning equipment. All specialist radiologists are also working at St.Micheal’s Hospital in Toronto.

Demonstrating a clear commitment to your health and wellbeing PDXN has three Scarborough locations for your ultrasound by appointment:

  • Bellesmere Medical Diagnostic Centre (located at Bellamy Road and Ellesmere Road),
  • Brimley Medical Diagnostic Centre (located at Brimley Road and Sheppard Avenue), and;
  • MarkSteeles Diagnostic Centre (located at Markham Road and Steeles Avenue).

PDXN can provide you with an ultrasound by appointment in Scarborough by simply calling, booking online, or in many cases simply walking in.

Can You Book an Ultrasound by Appointment Online?

If you have never booked an ultrasound appointment online, you should be aware it is an easy process that takes very little time. Simply go to the PDXN website (pdxn.ca) and click the ‘book online’ button at the top of the page. Type in you name, contact information and health card number. Attach your requisition form and note the type of ultrasound you need and then submit.

Most ultrasounds do not require any type of special preparation before the appointment, however once you’ve booked your appointment online with PDXN you can review the patients page on the website to see a detailed list of ultrasound types and any items you may need to be aware of ahead of time. The images (Ultrasound, X-rays and BMD) are reviewed by Specialist Doctors (Radiologists). The report will be sent to your Family doctors or the specialist.

Choose an office that can provide fast, courteous service and timely delivery of results to your healthcare team. Choose Premier Diagnostic Network.